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Get off the beaten track and explore the West coast of Australia. Swim with Whalesharks, Turtles, Manta Rays and be amazed at the colour and diversity of the Ningaloo Reef and the Coast around it. Sun, Sand and Snorkelling, or why not try a scuba dive. Lead by professional photographer and adventurer Scott Plume and teaming up with the locals to deliver an unforgettable Aussie outback adventure.

Inclusive 8 days tour cost AUD$3000 per person. Only USD$2500

Come with us and see the best coast of Australia, the West Coast. Our beaches are 100% the best in the world and most of the time you will be the only ones there. Swim leisurely with the Bigest fish in the sea and learn about the Whaleshark migrations to Ningaloo reef. Whalesharking is the big drawcard and so we make sure you will go out multiple times and at different times of the day to maximise whaleshark time and allow for weather and sea conditions. We have time on our side and numbers, you don’t share your whaleshark time with twenty other swimmers kicking you in the face. The feeling being in the open ocean with a whaleshark can’t be explained, its the best in the world and you have got to come experience it for yourself. Ningaloo reef is home to a stunning array of wildlife and with excellent visibility and general calm waters its the perfect place to get up close and personal with Aussie wildlife. The coastal landscapes are stunning, gorges and sands of every colour with the amazing turquoise backdrop make for truly superb landscape photography. Nine times out of ten there will be some wildlife trying to steel the shot too from kangaroos to goannas, on the west coast the animals are just part of the landscape. Its goto be done, get out there, see Australia!!!
This Tour is an adventure and exploration, small group experience for those who want to get more out of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Geared towards photographers we understand our needs and plan our expeditions around the light and time of day allowing ample shooting time at all our locations. If you want to stop and shoot anywhere along the way no problem, if you want to come back to a place for an early morning sunrise no problem. We have the time to accommodate any requests and always try to do so. This is also great for those who are not necessarily photographers but want to get the best out of their experience. We get you there to see the amazing wildlife and landscapes at the best times, wether or not you take pictures is up to you. All of our teem is experienced in working with photographers and you will always have Scott there to help out with some location or shooting advice when needed. Don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures of you with the whalesharks included too! Anything is possible here and all of our staff and guides will go above and beyond to give you the most memorable and amazing experience possible. Everything is taken care of from transport to accommodation so all you need to do is shoot and enjoy, as you visit the BEST coast in Australia.
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Day 1
Take a flight to Exmouth on the cape range peninsular. Spend the afternoon exploring the town before we drive out to our accommodation in the Cape Range national Park. We take it slow on the drive out as we normally spot plenty of wildlife on the way, what you see depends on the time of day. Settle in to our Luxury tented accommodation and chat to the owners about their environmental custodianship over the land. Every night you can relax by the fire and stare at the stars, and you can bet you’ve never seen stars this bright. This is where we get to know the group and can start to talk about our plans for the trip.
Day 2
Start early in the morning and travel by fast boat to Komodo and Rinca islands. Spend the day photographing komodo dragons and asiatic water buffalo in their natural habitat. Easy trekking around the islands with our own private guide to help us find the elusive dragons. Return before sunset and spend the night in labuan bajo again



Day 3
leave early in the morning by car to head into the heart of Flores. Morning tea at Melo village is our first stop, this is an ideal place to see the islands and forests around Komodo National Park from up high. Next stop takes us into one of the most beautiful rice fields in Indonesia. Their cultivation methods have left a rice field that resembles a spiderweb and continues on as far as the eye can see. We overnight in Ruteng, a village of the Manggaraianand stay in a traditional style Hotel. Ruteng is a cool town surrounded by beautiful rice fields on gentle slopes and a good place to go for a walk and enjoy a nice meal.


Day 4
Early morning departure from Ruteng to Golo Curu for a spectacular early morning view of the hills, rice fields, and mountain valleys. We continue to Ranamese, a small lake that has a pleasant picnic spot surrounded by jungle clad hills, we stop here for morning tea. Our next stop and overnight is in Bajawa, a great place to explore the country side and the traditional villages of the Ngada people. The surrounding area hosts several traditional villages nestled in amongst volcanoes and hot springs in the forrest. At this stop there is plenty to explore.
Day 5
Explore the traditional villages of the Bajawa area from the forrest to the beach (Bena  and Bela villages). We spend a second night in Bajawa so today you have the option to explore the villages by car or for the more adventurous by bike. (Roads can be challenging so discuss your options when making your booking.)


Day 6
After a restful night sleep in Bajawa we make an early start for Moni. On the way we stop at Nanga Panda, famous for its blue stone beaches and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy lunch in Ende where we can also check out some traditional markets. At the markets you can try a variety of specialty indonesian foods and fruits. After lunch we break up the journey with stops at rice fields and mountain viewpoints until we arrive in Moni. After we arrive there is the option of a hot bath with the locals at the hot springs need by and later tonight we can taste some of the tradition cuisine from the central flores area as our hosts have been preparing all day for us.
Day 7
We start the day with a sunrise view at the top of the kelimutu volcano overlooking the tri-coloured lakes of Kelimutu. After sunrise we return to town and explore the area and enjoy a good breakfast. later in the day we return to Kelimutu when the crowds have gone and the light is overhead to capture the lakes in a different light. After our second descent of the volcano we leave for Jopu, a traditional town where we check out the ikat weaving, a speciality in flores. after lunch here we continue to Waiara, a stunning Black Sandy Beach where you can relax and enjoy sun bathing and snorkeling (snorkeling gear is provided by customers for those interested we have underwater photography gear as well). Late in the afternoon we continue to Maumere our final stop in the east of flores. We enjoy a goodbye dinner with amazing seafood and spend the night in a nice hotel.



day 8
Our final day in flores we spend the morning exploring the port town of maumere, there are markets and traditional shops where you can find some interesting souvenirs and photo oppurtunities. After lunch our driver will take us to the airport for our flight back to bali
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